2020 is a great looking car and has some crazy innovations. The Mercedes team explains in this video how their realization of stagnation can be comfortable, but full of pitfalls. I look forward to seeing Mercedes top this year again for the seventh time with Lewis Hamilton. I hope for his rival all the best, […]

Tightening Up

Today I successfully secured my website. The process was fairly simple for an average tech that only understands the basics. SSL Encryption has always sounded complicated to me. Thanks to providers like LetsEncrypt and Dreamhost it was a breeze. I wrenched in the security on my control panel by adding Two-Factor-Authentication with a plugin by […]

Diablo 3

I’d like to write about something I know very well, Diablo 3. The previous installments of the game I never played. The launch of this game was mediocre and hardly worth the time. After Reaper of Souls expansion launched, the game’s atmosphere had dramatically changed to something worth while. The game starts you off as […]