Here’s a blurb for what I’ve done and where I’m going.

In 2013 I discovered what containerized applications were and how docker was becoming a corner stone. Fast forward to 2023, I’m catching up again on how things work. It’s a bit of a challenge to involve unrelated technologies in my day to day life when my job details don’t entail similar tasks.

I wrote a Python flask app in 2020 only because I was teaching a semester of High School Python programming. The effort of teaching had me scouring the internet for more Python content. Eventually I landed on a silly idea of recording stats for an automated fighting game.

Now I’m on the endeavor of rewriting that application from Flask to Django to learn more. Simultaneously I’m learning a lot about CLI, cloud infrastructure, and the idea of agile. I like to think I’m understanding the insanity of SSO. It’s a bit of a goal of mine to perhaps become more DevOps career focused. I have plenty experience in everything tech, but not quite a master at any beyond administration.

Writing here of my weekly progress should help me remember and reflect on my journey.


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