PC Specs are at the bottom.

Comfort is a big deal for me. If you expect to have long play times like me in sim-racing, then be sure to stretch your neck and breath through your nose while wearing it. Any distractions or discomforts of the outside world immediately ruin focus and immersion. This headset is way different than how the original HTC Vive sat on my head. It will take me some getting used to. Given I had worked to the sweet spot of comfort over a couple years on my first one. I highly recommend taking the time, sit at your desk before playing, and fiddle with all the straps and adjustments. Sit there for couple of minutes with the last adjustment and see how you feel before jumping in.

It’s important to not pull or tug on the front of the headset. Everything is adjusted by either the top or back or button on the side.

  1. Loosen the top strap and head brace to the maximum length.
  2. Put the headset against your face without putting the headset on – keep the brace piece lifted. Find the sweet spot of comfort, against your face, before lowering the back brace. You don’t want the strap and brace to determine the lens, nose gap, and tilt.
  3. While holding the headset at the comfort spot with a hand. Use your other hand to lower the brace, and tighten the top strap to the point it doesn’t let the lens/nose gap fall any lower than your comfort spot.
  4. Reach back with the same hand and twist the brace adjustment till its snug, not tight.
  5. If SteamVR is running, you can adjust the IPD with the knob (on the right) till it looks acceptable.

Troubleshooting is a part of the deal with any computer equipment. Nothing ever seemingly works 100% out of the box with the latest technology. I highly recommend running all the latest updates to all your computer components and software before plugging in and firing up the VR. Then give your computer a couple good restarts. If you are having trouble it’s good to take a step back before you cause harm or damage to your property. Unplug devices then restart the computer for a fresh start at fixing your problems.

Error Codes – https://www.vive.com/us/support/vive-pro2/category_howto/what-error-codes-and-messages-mean.html

  • Error 210 happened after a couple uses appear after friends had left. Help claims you must restart the Vive Console, but I found it to be the mDP to DP cable slightly pulled out (at the hub). I recommend on any VR error, check all your cabling and power connections are snug.
  • 90HZ out of the box. I found my headset to be stuck to running games at 90fps. Vive Console > Settings > Display Settings. Uncheck the auto settings and select Extreme or Performance to unlock 120hz.
  • Error 224 appeared when I fixed all my cabling to my monitors. I found that when running Vive Console in Extreme, I’m only allowed to use 2 screens when using VR. Open your Windows Display Settings and disconnect a display without unplugging cables.


  • Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview, Dev (22523.1000). Installed on 12/17/2021.
  • EVGA GEFORCE RTX 3090 FTW3 (Driver 497.29)
  • Intel i7-8700k
  • 64GB Gskill DDR4
  • EVGA Z370 FTW motherboard

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