I’m officially Flying Dangerous and have been enjoying my time. I’ll continue to be supportive with a presence of whatever ship is needed. I spent quite a bit of money on getting my skills situated for some doctrine ships. Now that we are deployed to multiple areas of space I’m almost always getting into PvP situations. I was unable to fly the DPS fit tonight so I opted into the fleet as Logi. Our FCs are great with their humor and intuition about their enemies. The group leadership is certainly the kind of folk I like to fly with, but comm life is very much a circle that’s tough for someone like me to break into.

Tonight was my first operation with combat in the area of Geminate.

The fleet organized in Jita composed of fast ships. Four of us were as Logi, at the end of the night concerns seemed to be about their usefulness with the constant moving and fast killing of our op. I foresee myself reshipping to a DPS, but I’ll keep the logi nearby.

The majority of our flying tonight was trying to stay out of the hands of a Muninn fleet that was +70. The op was successful in that we were trying to be annoying. There wasn’t a response fleet to their large size so we continued to use our speed for messing with the unsuspecting, and out of the clutches of our their roam. The fleet formed at 3:30 and ended with a final kill at 4:49.

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