Tightening Up

Today I successfully secured my website. The process was fairly simple for an average tech that only understands the basics.

SSL Encryption has always sounded complicated to me. Thanks to providers like LetsEncrypt and Dreamhost it was a breeze. I wrenched in the security on my control panel by adding Two-Factor-Authentication with a plugin by miniOrange. A simple click of the install button and account setup with miniOrange, provided me with authentication service on top of my username and password. I rounded out the protection of my web domain by modifying my .htaccess file. That was a bit more advanced and required some research.

Configuring LetsEncrypt SSL was simple.

  • Visit the Dreamhost webpanel, Find Secure Hosting, and select Lets Encrypt SSL (free)
  • This leads up to selecting your domain, ignoring additional features, and applying.

Afterwards, using PuTTY, I was able to configure the .htaccess file to force ‘https’ connectivity. The internet helped me out on this one. Thanks to Dreamhost’s support files.

With the website now secured, any visitor can be assured their computer is actually talking to my web servers.

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