I’d like to write about something I know very well, Diablo 3. The previous installments of the game I never played. The launch of this game was mediocre and hardly worth the time. After Reaper of Souls expansion launched, the game’s atmosphere had dramatically changed to something worth while.

The game starts you off as a lowly level 1 character with a simple weapon and little cloth on your back. You can play the story mode through a series of difficulties; Normal, Master, Expert, Torment I – XIII.

After completing the story line you’re left with hordes of demons, zombies, and guardians that terrorize this plane of life. It’s your goal as a Nephalem to protect the innocent and eradicate the forces of evil.

While the premise of the game is a hack & slash, monster slaying, and a combo punching frenzy; there’s more to it. The underlying game engine is a numberphile’s dream; all the statistics and attributes are modifiers to help you overcome the difficulties. I would say this is the primary reason why I enjoy this game and has me coming back season after season.

TONKATRUCK is my current season character that I mainly play. I have a handful of other characters, but this is the butter to the bread that is Diablo 3.


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