Larger Ambitions

Today I began realizing my potential, I’m 28 and have stagnated in my education.

I currently work for the University of Illinois as a IT Professional full time. My area is supporting higher end University personnel’s systems. I work with tools like SCCM, Active Directory, and Exchange resources. Most of my time is ensuring the up-time of resources by managing the endpoints of our supported units.

The University has assigned a mentor, B.T. – I’ll respect their privacy during our ventures, to help me discover the opportunities, resources, and personnel networks available here. Already we’ve had a few meetings, the first two composed of meet and greet. The third meeting has been the best and the most enlightening of this mentor program.

I met a fellow, J.Y., within the Data Science field who has their PhD in Informatics. We discussed the larger picture of Data Science and what their involvement with the University is currently. J.Y. had exposed me to the field of Data Science generously by giving me some ideas of what I should research, professors to listen to, and technologies that they use.

This meeting has now created a spark for me to become more involved. B.T. had followed up with me today at lunch saying in a message, J.Y. was impressed with my engagement and composure to pursue other opportunities in Data Science. I’m not certain this is the path for me, but when doors open I find myself often taking a peek.

I hope to update this blog with my progression and excited to see the trail behind me.


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