Problems and Solutions

I’ve listened to a handful of people that have talked about their issues and often found that they are self inflicted. In some situations if people would have planned for action the issue may have never arose.

I call these self-inflicted problems. Problems that you could have avoided in hindsight. Now this realization doesn’t help in the moment that it becomes a problem. But recognizing signs is a little bit of a talent. Ignorance plays a huge role in creating self-inflicted problems. All in all it’s really about caring about your day to day life.

Planning isn’t nessecarily fun, it makes things monotonous. Everything becomes a little bit more predictable in your life. Things can start to seem dull when you put it under a microscope. Though many issues tend to disappear, stress is less of a problem, and your days feel a little bit more open. You know exactly how much time you have between activities and when you can spoil yourself. Unexepected events start to become more of annoyance, that’s for sure. Invitations within a day throw you curves and you tend to avoid them. Money starts to feel abundant and accessible with planning. It really is amazing how much you can accumilate with understanding of what you’re doing instead of acting on compulsion.

For myself I started learning about planning when I was 2 hours from home with very little money. Bills to pay and school to attend to. It was a very revealing time in my life about finding what keeps me entertained and within budget. Funny that it was World of Warcraft that helped. I still binge on video games to help pass time while doing what I enjoy. Just be sure you’re happy about what you’re doing in the moment and reevaluate and plan accordingly.

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