Fresh Feeling

There have been a handful of people that have taught me the importance of being clean. I don’t think too many people take it to heart of what being clean means. You can absolutely go nuts with the phrase; from being observatory about everything you eat to the clothes are picked up off the floor. Though that’s not what I’m getting at, I’m thankful for the ability to be clean. Around the world quite a few people cannot access the means to keep as fragrant and kempt as myself. This isn’t me trying to say I’m better, but many people have the means to keep their floors swept, kitchen spotless, and offices organized.

A few people that taught me how to really clean are people that put the time into me. I didn’t ask for the chores, nor did they only want a clean house or store. There’s and underlying message of self-love in being clean. You can appreciate the effort of keeping things nice and build upon that with the new things you own. Why buy it again when caring can keep things around longer. I would hope to instill in others the importance of being clean and appreciating what you have.

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