Moving forward

Everyday, no matter what age, is a movement forward. It’s easy to fall into routine, and if you do something is moving forward without you. Whether it be your body or age you’re getting left behind if you say a certain routine is okay. I try to think about each day about what I can do different, be it small or big changes.

Today I want to change how I consume. Today I decided that I’ll write down what it is that I eat and drink. My body has become accustom to habits that I can’t manage like I used to. The best thing for myself is to keep track logically about what I consume. The goal is to counter an unhealthy obsession of just eating to be eating. Leaving high-school I weighed 185lbs and today I weigh 210. Only being a 25lbs difference I notice that mass is leaving my legs and gaining more around my waist. It’s not unbearable or unmanageable, which is all the more reason to keep control today.

I hope that you too can find something in your day to day routine that you can change for a positive reason.


Featured Image – Thanks to Nasa for capturing the moon between it’s camera and the earth. The picture was applied the Prisma photo filter. If you want to know how far this has to be, you can fit every single planet in our solar system between the earth and the moon. This camera is 31,000,000 miles away from earth!

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