1. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

I thought I’d write a bit about an analytical view of my happiness. Notice the definition doesn’t include the part about time? At some point there will be change in this adjective. The saying goes you should you have three things in life to be happy, “Something to do, Something to look forward to, and Someone to love.” I feel as if I have these three on lock down at this point in life. I look forward to every day and the challenges it brings. Not in some cliche way,  but I do look forward to my job and the challenges of IT.

I look forward to having the American dream. The house, the white picket fence, the clean car, pets, and a family. Achieving this is what I’m looking forward to. I’m paying rent, finding ways to save money, and relieving myself of debt. The day I go positive from debt is the day I believe I’ll have made it to that dream to afford a mortgage and the life that goes with it.

I love my girlfriend. She’s amazing in every way imaginable. The adventures we go on, the people we meet, the challenges we face. Every step has never been one person alone. We’ve accomplished so much in so little time together. I can’t imagine what we’ll have accomplished in 5 years time.

These are what make me happy. There isn’t a singular thing that creates instant gratification. Observing others I’ve found that they put too much emphasis on happiness coming from vacations, buying new things, and within others. Those who are truly happy often have that lingering crowd of others who seemed to be nothing but stressed out all the time. I believe that people need to find these three things within themselves and working for them. Keep all three in check and don’t let yourself stray from your path.

Happiness isn’t an object, it’s an adjective. What makes you feel happy will always change. Happiness is a state of being. Be Happy.

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