This morning is 11/3/2016. Now I’m not a baseball fan by any means, but I can appreciate history. I live in Illinois and the cubs have won the world series again in 108 years. 7 games, 10 innings, tied up at 6 going into extra innings. Now for someone that’s a general sports enthusiast; that’s what sports is all about. The day in and day out grind towards a dream that all sparked at the early age in childhood. The idea that your team could top the world at this sport. I was in that position once as a kid and it’s a humbling experience to finally understand you won’t ever be the best. I couldn’t imagine what it feels like to be the best finally as a player. To join a league of players that took the game to the edge and dedicated their lives to it. Sports are a great show.

Now I imagine we’ll have the whole “Where were you when the cubs won?” kind of energy for some time before the cubs win it all over again. I’ve been on this late night binge gaming for some time now so I tend to come home, take a 2 hour nap and wake up around 8:30-9pm to stay up later with friends who work late night shifts. So waking up at 9 I get a text from Amber, who is at work, that the cubs are winning game 7 (5-3) going to the top of the 6th. Knowing that this is history I spend a few minutes looking for a stream of the game online. Eventually finding one and just putting the game on the other monitor. Nothing spectacular was happening so I put it on low volume and was playing my game with Ethan. Ethan eventually logged off so I spent the next few hours eating dinner and watch the rest of the game. Since people are out at the bars amber’s evening was quite long until her manager okayed her to go home during a rain delay after the 9th inning. We then came home and watched the finish of a stressful game for those guys. I’m happy that it payed off for Chicago and the Cubs franchise.

But there is hockey to be played.

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